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At Alta Dental, our goal is keep your smile beautiful and protected from dental disease while providing the highest quality of care. Offering a comprehensive range of services, we warmly welcome you and your loved ones to our practice. As a skilled and experienced provider of care, Dr. Cohen treats patients of all ages, and emphasizes the practice of preventive dentistry as the best way to maintain optimal oral health and to help prevent tooth decay and Davie gum disease.

Davie Gum Disease

Ranking at the top as the number one cause of tooth loss among US adults, gum disease is a serious health condition, which is best addressed early in its onset. One of the difficulties with Davie gum disease is that it can develop asymptomatically for years without a patients’ knowledge. For this reason, we encourage scheduling routine checkups every six months so that we can carefully monitor your periodontal health throughout the year. When gum disease is caught in its earliest stage, gingivitis, we can completely reverse the condition with a professional teeth cleaning and your commitment to brushing and flossing regularly thereafter. However, if gum disease has progressed to a more advanced stage then more extensive cleanings and advanced care may be indicated to prevent further damage and restore tissue health. At our practice we take special care to provide the most gentle, precise and conservative treatment for gum disease. While we provide precise and gentle care, we recognize that some patients experience significant dental anxiety. To help make every dental visit a stress-free experience, we offer options in conscious sedation at our practice.

If you have Davie gum disease, or are simply overdue for your next checkup, we would like to help you establish and maintain the health of your smile. To schedule your next visit, call Alta Dental today!

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