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Today’s cosmetic dentistry procedures are all about improving and enhancing the appearance of our patient’s teeth, gums, and smile. But cosmetic procedures are not simply aesthetic in nature. For our cosmetic dental professionals at Alta Dental, these procedures are just more methods in our toolbox to offer the most advantageous dental health possible. We believe that the best dental health equates to a healthy smile that you can be confident about.

Cosmetic Dentist in Davie Offers Healthier and More Beautiful Smiles

Most cosmetic procedures are elected procedures and most patients who come to us for cosmetic dental procedures do so because they want a more attractive smile. But many cosmetic procedures not only enhance the appearance of our patients’ smiles but provide them with oral health that they will be more motivated to care for. So it is a win on both sides of the equation. A more attractive smile is one you will want to take better care of and a healthier smile is a more attractive one. One always informs the other so a cosmetic procedure can be one of the healthiest things you can do for your dental well being.

More Natural Looking Procedures and Materials

Modern procedures have become less invasive over the years. We strive to keep as much of the natural tooth as we can while offering cutting-edge techniques and technology to enhance and restore a natural-looking smile. Today’s materials such as porcelain and composites can be more closely matched to your original tooth color and are much more natural appearing and durable than materials used in the past. New technologies, procedures, and materials are always becoming available to make beautiful smiles a reality for more and more cosmetic dental patients in Davie.

At Alta Dental, we offer the following cosmetic procedures in our Davie office:

Teeth Whitening

One of the most requested procedures that patients ask for is a whiter smile. We offer professional teeth whitening both at our office location and use-at-home whitening kits


Bonding has many applications. It can enhance the appearance of teeth by correcting discoloration or shape of the tooth. It can also be used as protection when roots are exposed, to correct spaces between teeth, or as an alternative to amalgam fillings.

Porcelain Veneers

One of our most popular procedures, veneers are very thin shells of ceramic that are adhered to the front surface of teeth. These have a wide range of applications from improving the appearance of teeth to making corrections such as repairing chipped or misaligned teeth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most natural permanent method now available for replacement of missing teeth. The implant is a post that adheres to the bone and affords a support for a permanent crown. Dental implants are cared for and behave just like your natural teeth.


Why wear unsightly braces when Invisalign aligners offer a gentle and virtually invisible way to straighten teeth? Invisalign aligners fit comfortable over your natural teeth and gently and gradually straighten teeth much the same way as traditional braces do only without the metal and wires.

Today, modern cosmetic dentistry technologies have given us procedures that have replaced the unsightly and often dangerous materials of traditional dentistry of yesteryear. New materials offer a more natural appearance and now have the durability of real teeth.

If you are looking to enhance the appearance and health of your smile, contact our Davie cosmetic dentists at Alta Dental. Here at Alta Dental, we believe in offering you the very best cosmetic dental care available

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