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If you are dealing with a dental emergency, call the Davie emergency dentists at Alta Dental. We make every effort to get you in for an emergency visit as soon as possible. We don’t want you to suffer needlessly.

We understand that there is never any way you can anticipate an emergency. And most dental emergencies are characterized by severe pain. When you are dealing with an urgent emergency, you need the service of an emergency dentist in Davie immediately. We will schedule you at the earliest possible time so we can diagnose the problem and recommend an appropriate treatment plan.

Severe Toothaches, Sensitivities, and Swelling

Severe toothaches and swelling are typically caused by an infected or abscessed tooth. These can have various degrees of seriousness depending on the amount of infection. An abscess most often is isolated to one or two teeth. The most painful is a tooth that has deep decay where there may have previously been a filling or crown. It can feel as if the pain is deep within the bone or root and can be very susceptible to hot or cold.

A toothache can vary in pain from one moment to the next and sometimes may even feel better. The problem with this scenario is that the patient may put off seeking help when it temporarily feels better. When you have been experiencing pain for a few days, seek a Davie emergency dentist as soon as possible. At Alta Dental, we will be able to make a quick diagnosis and begin to alleviate the pain immediately.

Broken Tooth, Filling, or Crown

If you are eating and suddenly feel something hard in your mouth, you may be experiencing a broken tooth, or a dislodged filling or crown. A broken tooth often occurs when there has been a previous filling that may have weakened the integrity of the rest of the tooth. If we can, we will attempt to restore the tooth with a crown in other to hold the tooth together. In the case of a broken filling, we are often able to repair or replace the filling depending on the severity. At times, these are not repairable and a crown may be necessary. In the case of a broken crown, it may be able to be reaffixed or a new one may have to be made to replace the broken one.

Dental Trauma or Knocked Out Tooth

A fall can typically cause dental trauma in the way of cut gums or lips. Though these can bleed excessively, they usually heal quickly. But in the case of a knocked out tooth, or one that has shifted inside the mouth, it helps if you can push it back where it belongs and bite down to hold it in place. In the case where the tooth has been knocked out completely, clean it off thoroughly. If you can replace it, this is your best chance of saving the tooth. If not, make sure the tooth is kept moist in a plastic bag.

At Alta Dental, we know there is never a good time for a dental emergency. An emergency can be stressful and painful but keeping calm and taking simple precautions can make a difference. As your trusted emergency dentist in Davie, we make every effort to accommodate your emergency with a same-day appointment. We will examine the problem and devise a strategy to eliminate your pain, remedy the issue, and restore your smile to a healthy one.

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